Ipainia joins the OCDM

The Ipainian request was approved by qualified concensus at the forum of the organization.

What is the OCDM?
The Organization for Cooperation and Development of Micronations, better known by its acronym OCDM, is an organization whose objective is to promote activity in micronations. You can access to the OCDM website clicking here.

Currently, the Republic of Moriel, the Senatorial Republic of Timeria, the Empire of Smyrna, the Empire of Orfalia, the Republic of Polanda, the Republic of Antares, the United Kingdom of Fitberland, the Kingdom of Numantia and the Royal Republic of Ipainia are members of the organization.

Ipainia and the OCDM
Alexander I -king of Ipainia- made the membership request of Ipainia on the forum of the micronation yesterday. This was discussed by the General Board and was approved with four votes in favor (Orfalia, Timeria, Moriel and Fitberland) and two abstentions (Antares and Polanda). We have participated actively in various of the issues discussed in the forum of the organization.


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