Kempinski will host the Olympic Games again

The city of Kempinski, located in the Social State of El Dorado, won the organization of the VII Micronational Olympic Games.

It was Alexander I, king of Ipainia and representative of our micronation in the United Micronations, who sent a message to Maximiliano Cortes, Secretary-general of the organization, commenting that the process for the election of the host city of the VII Micronational Olympic Games must be initiated.

The period of registration and presentation of the candidature files of the candidate cities started on 9 February and lasted two weeks, culminating on 23 February.

Alexander I, king of Ipainia; Matthew Hamptons, president of Ipainia; Joachim Valoti, secretary of the Department of Sports; and Lawrence Springs, president of the Ipainia Olympic Committee (IOC) who successfully led the organization of the Olympic Games held in the city of Báhía last year; gathered at the Cordivil Palace summoned by the king in order to decide whether Ipainia would run a bid to organize this event. They concluded that Ipainia will not run a bid, but they ensured that our micronation will present an innovative Olympic proposal.

Maritza Vex (MV), journalist, spoke briefly with Lawrace Springs (LS):
– MV: Good afternoon Mr. President of the IOC, Why the decision to not submit a candidate city to host the VII Micronational Olympic Games was taken?
– LS: Good afternoon, well, we had a pleasant conversation at the Cordivil Palace and the decision was taken because we organized an amazing olympic games last year.
– MV: The Olympic Games of Báhía marked a turning point not only for Ipainia but for the micronational olympism…
– LS: That is correct, the Olympic Games held in Ipainia were the olympic games in which a greater number of sports were played in the shortest time. It gives Ipainia an incredible dynamism. New sports and formats were introduced, and what we consider most important is that we open the games to the world, so not only the member micronations of the United Micronations participated.
– MV: We listened that an innovative olympic proposal will be submitted. What is it about?
– LS: Currently, we are working on this idea. This proposal will not affect the Olympic Games, it will improve and extend the work of the Intermicronational Olympic Committee instead. For now, we are focused on training and selecting the athletes that will represent our micronation in the following games. Thanks, bye.

Luis Felipe Lugo, head of state of El Dorado, submitted the bid of the city of Kempinski on 10 February. The city of Kempinski organized the V Micronational Olympic Games  together with the city of Minerva (Rotham) so the city already own Olympic-level infrastructure. The candidature file of El Dorado was presented on 22 February.

Martín Rivasplata, critical journalist, gave his opinion about the candidature file presented by the Social State of El Dorado.

“Undoubtedly you can see an undeveloped file that reveal that this games will follow the dynamics of ancient editions. On one hand, those long games causes a lighter competition. On the other hand, It does not give that feeling of pressure, fight, and daily competition as it was played in Bahia.

The file does not comply with the first annex 1 of the procedure for the election of the Olympic city because it does not include neither the logo, nor the slogan, nor the list of sports with their respective links.

However, I am confident of El Dorado, which as mentioned in the dossier, it has a wide and qualified experience both participatory and organizational. I hope they take into account the new trends imposed in recent games so that it will enhance the sporting experience.”

At the close of the registration and submission of the candidature file of the candidate cities, just El Dorado ran a bid. After the voting proccess, the organization of the VII Micronational Olympic Games was granted to El Dorado with 7 votes in favor and 2 against.

La Gaceta de El Dorado
Source: La Gaceta, El Dorado
Translation: Ipainia Translation and Interpretation Service

The governor of Kempinski, Sebastián Klauger, spoke out about this victory:

“Dear Kempinskinians, El Dorado and Kempinski write today, a new page in the history of micronationalism, because our capital city has been chosen as the host city of an Olympic Games for the second time. Thanks to our allies, who helped us and who did not, to the ones that rely on the goodwill of El Dorado and those who are envious and criticize us but that are not able to do anything. Thanks to give us the opportunity to show againg that we are capable. You are all invited to participate freely. They are and will always be welcome.
In this games, various sports of the last edition will be adapted and we will keep playing the sports that has been played years ago. We recognize thanks to the dynamism of every year, in each edition the games are improved. Thanks to the unification of Pink, various sport venues that were initially planned in Kempinski, will be relocated so they will be disputed in the city of Pink, Together as siblings, looking to the future, we will be working and building a great nation. Long live El Dorado! Long live Kempinski!
Ipainia congratulated the city of Kempinski and El Dorado:

@LuisFeLugo: We did it! The assembly of the @OMU_es approved to #Kempinski2016 to host the VII Micronational Olympic Games #ElDoradogov going forward!

@Ipainia: Congratulations to Kempinski and El Dorado! @LuisFeLugo @Omu_es @Org_UM


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