Camila Waffei (D) and Rodrigo Driduvina (R), one of them will be the new president of Ipainia

Internal elections in both parties ended yesterday, results are surprising.

The electoral process  keeps going following the schedule presented by the Bureau of Electoral Process.

Both parties have modified their logos, the purpose of this change is to make the parties more original and provide them with a new identity.

The current Metropolitan Báhía Representative, Camilla Waffei, beat Ben Pott  in the Democratic Internal Elections.

Her recognized and constant work for fighting inactivity in Ipainia has made this victory possible, she spoke briefly about her victory:

“I’m very grateful with ipainians who trust us, with Bruno Alvarado we are enthusiastic for this victory, although we know this is just the first step. Ben Pott is a great democrat and friend, we hope to have his support in the remaining process”.

Rodrigo Driduvina, a new citizen affiliated to the republican party, took the plunge to run for the presidency and managed to beat Anastasia Zhidkova and John Budapest’s candidatures.

The results were surprising, Anastasia Zhidkova was the most popular republican candidate. However, the novel and innovative ideas of Driduvina were attracting more votes. This allow hin to beat Zhidkova by one vote.

Martin Somé, political analyst, explained why Zhidkova and Budapest fail.
“Zhidkova was undoubtedly the republican presidental candidate, she was leading the republican internal elections’s surveys. However, Driduvina and his magnificent performance in the republican debate attracted more attention. That will explain his victory -with a minimun difference- but victory after all. About John Budapest, [He] is a serious micronationalist but not close to the citizens, his attitude moved him away”.

[UPDATE 26/06]
The Bureau of Electoral Processes of Ipainia modified the schedule. Ipainias will elect their new president from June 27 to June 28.


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